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People were shocked and furious when Lance Armstrong publicly came out of the steroid closet. He is now judged by millions as ‘a terrible fraud’, even apparently frowned at by the ‘eyes’ of Oprah, who loves everybody. The funny thing is…Lance Armstrong is a poster child for the steroid lifestyle we all enjoy today. He is a mirror.
It is likely he commenced his career as an enthusiastic athlete who knew he was gifted. At this time of his life he was also likely ‘a likable person’ simply getting on with following his joy. Then, someone/something suggested a short cut: “If you take this it will enhance your performance dramatically, illegally yes, but no one will notice. Just try?” And he did, and it did, and like many who achieve desired success through short cuts, he became addicted to the acceleration-factor.
What he may not have been told was: “As you build this artificially exaggerated chemical capacity, you also construct an artificially exaggerated personality to oversee it.” [Or, you have chosen authority over empowerment.] It is called the steroid personality; it is artificial, inflated, accelerated, and addicted to being so. What may have not been evident to those around Lance Armstrong at the time his steroid use began, was that he, as he had been prior to steroid ingestion, became obsolete. Mr. Steroid took over and extended itself for itself, not for him. His whole experience entered a new chemically-driven environment, one with serious side-effects, or extreme contrast. People close to him would have experienced something artificial, inflated, and exaggerated about his personality and behavior. And there would have been side-effects to living a completely chemically-dictated life, like testicular cancer.
But the steroid personality will never stop for a moment to examine causality; instead it will take something like testicular cancer and turn it into a heart-inflated projection for ‘the benefit of others’; a foundation for the hope of humanities fight against something or another! The human heart on steroids!
I did not watch the Oprah theater about Lance Armstrong, but I bet this steroid personality was attempting to use ‘confession’ as collateral for something. Regardless, what people may not comprehend, is that the 19-year-old boy who kicked off his career in the Motorola Team is long gone. He got left behind in the race. He was superseded by a new chemical body environment that comes with its own personality traits. What was most likely being ‘confessed’ on Oprah was that the steroid personality doesn’t have a moral compass, but that it uses other’s morals as a compass for navigating its insatiable agendas. This would not have been acceptable to Oprah and her audience, as this is not a confession – it is an observation.
Technological advancement, like a cell phone, is a steroid. It is an artificial magnification that accentuates and accelerates natural inborn human capacity, and so inflates our activities at an accelerated rate, and so becomes immediately addictive. The cell phone is therefore also a catalyst for an adjustment to personality. For example, the steroid cell phone personality it births has no problem answering a phone while in mid-conversation with another live chemical body. The steroid personality has no barometer for rudeness. It is quite mechanical in its approach to everything, especially the chemical body. Just like Lance Armstrong’s behavior. Only someone who wants to win at all costs answers a phone in mid-conversation, with the mechanical excuse that ‘it might be an emergency’, or ‘it’s work related’ – and that’s if one gets any explanation at all. Steroid personalities don’t see the necessity for explaining themselves, unless there is something to be gained from it. These days more and more people mechanically pickup the call and walk off without explanation, leaving others hanging in mid-sentence.
The thing about a steroid lifestyle, as Lance Armstrong would testify if questioned, is that there is no coming back from it. There is no turning around once that accelerated rush commences. No one who runs their business using a cell phone can go back to land-line capacity. Nor would they ever dream of doing so! Not going to happen. Unthinkable. Impossible. A technologically enhanced lifestyle is in this respect no different to an athlete’s addictive, steroid enhanced lifestyle. It manufactures ‘a steroid human personality’ that has inflated and accelerated tendencies, and whose lifestyle is not so much ‘a choice of more options’, but ‘an addiction to the most efficient option available’ right now. It is the insatiable need for speed!
The nature of such dramatized efficiency is that it will flip into its opposite at some point of its extremely accelerated unfolding, just like Lance Armstrong did from ‘winning it all!’ to ‘losing it all!’ And, initially, it is very easy for us to scoff from the sidelines when someone like him falls from grace, that is until we awaken to the possibility that our current circumstances are uncannily similar. ‘Same difference’, as the expression goes.
If we cannot now function without our cell phone or our computer, then we are living a steroid lifestyle. This also means we have clothed ourselves in personality traits that are birthed alongside such circumstances. In this way, the steroid lifestyle wears us just as we do clothing.
This observation is not to make any judgment of good or bad. Such discussion is futile. The trick now is going to be in how we respond to the inevitable flip-over this steroid lifestyle sets up? Are we going to be swept away involuntarily in a flood that moves humanity, overnight, from complex efficiency to chaotic disarray, or are we going to engage this predicament as an opportunity to ‘image a completely new environment’beyond such quandary?
One thing a steroid lifestyle makes no room for, is ‘poise’. It is all go-go-go to get as fast as possible to wherever the go-go-go is aimed. But there is hope. The fact that people who are using RnA Drops are reporting increased poise amidst their steroid experience, whether they are using this terminology or not, is extremely promising and hopeful. This puts RnA Drops forward as a possible anti-dote for the steroid lifestyle. It does appear to assist in regaining poise, which is an undressing from the personality clothing worn by a steroid lifestyle. Listen to the second hour of “Payday…I’m In Charge”, 12 Feb 2013 broadcast, for Jean’s testimony [source]. This is no less than a public confession of a steroid’d lifestyle retrieving poise through RnA Drops. This is our story too.
RnA Drops are not something artificial that inflate and exaggerate, but they do ‘enhance’what is already naturally in play. They appear to nudge and awaken something that had dozed off. They are a natural food that appears to enhance inborn human ability, rather than replace and extend its sensory network with fragile and exceedingly complex mechanical appendages.
It is unlikely any athlete is going to be ‘pulled over’ from whatever controlled violence they are engaging in to be reprimanded by officials for substance abuse. It is unlikely RnA Drops will lead to any dramatic Oprah confessions. But they do appear to assist us to begin addressing, and undressing from, our steroid lifestyle and the personality predicaments it has birthed. And, RnA Drops accomplish this without ‘pushing against’. Instead, they are integrative. Through them we befriend and start thriving in an environment once appearing hostile.
Right now, in the midst of our unfolding steroid lifestyle, being in a place of poise ‘is wealth’, and so this new, natural type of technology comes to us as a kind of treasure. RnA Drops may just be the natural, organic technology for retrieving our humanity from the machine, so that the next leap in evolution is made with great poise by us, for us, and not by machines for machines.
In this light, RnA Drops may be considered a stabilizer, but definitely not a steroid.
Written by Michael Brown, South Africa

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